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Brain Tumor Board: A Team Opinion for Patients
An explanation of what a tumor board is and how it works.
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Chemotherapy for Gliomas, by Dr. Rekha Chaudhary
A discussion of different chemotherapy agents such as Temodar and Avastin.
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A Guide to Stereotactic Radiosurgery of the Brain, by Dr. John Breneman
Learn about this non-invasive treatment and why it is not actually surgery.
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Why Radiotherapy/Radiosurgery Doesn’t Hurt, by Dr. Luke Pater
A discussion of how the technology damages tumor cells.
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Clinical Trials: Seeking Better Treatment for Brain Tumors, by Dr. Rekha Chaudhary
Learn more about UC Brain Tumor Center clinical trials.
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Allies for Hope and Healing Mentoring Program
A program formed to help you and your family navigate the world of living with a brain tumor.
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Meningiomas: Risk Factors, Treatment Options and Future Advances, by Dr. Ronald Warnick
A comprehensive discussion of meningiomas and their incidence rates, presenting symptoms, treatment options and future advances.
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Acuity Adjustable Unit at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center
An acuity-adjustable unit is a patient-friendly, family-focused unit that enables patients who have undergone brain tumor surgery to stay in a single room during recovery.
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Ketogenic Diet Information, by Dr. Rekha Chaudhary
Learn about the Ketogenic diet, its history, how it works, what the diet entails, and what you can expect during this process, including how it fits in with your other treatment.
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